When designer fashion meets functionality

I’m a huge fan of chic, obviously. I’m also a huge fan of functionality when it meets a cute, fashionable design. This is the case with a new umbrella I’ve found and have completely fallen in love with. Not only is it a designer product, it’s fashionable, biodegradable, AND SUPER functional.

What is it? It’s a designer sun umbrella. It offers amazing UV protection and means you don’t need to wear sunscreen because it provides 99% protection by itself – and you can get multiple umbrellas to match different outfits if you want!

It’s called the Brelli and here’s a picture of one from their Clear Collection.

Brelli Designer UV Umbrella

As I said, it’s super duper cute and it’s always functional too.

On top of sun protection, they also provide great protection from rain and wind too. Many other designer umbrellas only offer sun (or rain) protection and not both. Well, on top of offering both, it can also withstand winds up to 40 miles per hour – which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

When I look for chic items to add to my wardrobe, I’m always looking for stuff that has multiple uses and can work with a variety of outfits. After all, it’s nice to have some super versatile items in your closet instead of just having things that only match with specific outfits.

You can probably see why I’ve coined this as one of my favorite designer umbrellas almost immediately after discovering it.

Here is their video about the 40 mile per hour wind test – super impressive if you ask me:

The other cool thing is that while the Brelli is made by a small company, celebrities and other big-name people are endorsing it and expressing how excited they are about the umbrellas as well. That’s always a great sign that you’ve stumbled onto something great!

And, if you weren’t already excited, they completely support the cause to end melanoma and donate to the MRA as well. This is not only a positive thing to read and see, but it’s nice to know that they truly believe in the product and the reasoning for their product.

If you know of any other chic products or things you would suggest I add to my wardrobe, I’m all ears. I LOVE hearing and finding out about new products or gadgets I can use to enhance my look and feel – naturally, fashionably, and of course, chic!

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